May 23


Are internet FREE WILLS legal?

Arguably. But there are a number of very good reasons why you should not use a “free” Will.

Firstly, most of the organisations offering them will want to be named as the executors of your estate. And they charge a hefty fee for this service of up to 5%! The average estate is normally about $500,000 which would mean a fee of some $25,000. Shockingly dishonest in our opinion.

Secondly, many do not cater for the different laws in each State which could invalidate the Will meaning your wishes may not be carried out.

This old fashioned way of printing your will means, it will not be easily accessible online and will need to be redone every time you want to make changes.

Our Willmonkey Will is legal, modern, and accessible from anywhere.

Welcome to a new world of peace of mind.


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