Last Will and Testament

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Store your personal information and the best way to contact you:

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Course Structure

5 Chapters

My Will

This is your Last Will and Testament.

Completely secure, Completely Legal, Completely accessible.

Personal Information 1 Document

Personal Information

Store your personal information and the best way to contact you.

Family and Friends 5 Sections


Record your partner information including spouses, love interests or significant others


Children are a joy! If you have children to mention in your Will, record them here. Later in the Will process you will be able to select their names and leave specific gifts, bequests or sums of money. Perhaps you have plans to leave money for their college funds?


Store your grand children information


List your friends, colleagues or other beneficiaries that you mention in your will

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Bequeath things to your Pets or nominate guardians

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Items to Gift and Bequeath 3 Sections


Record your Charitable Bequests here

Junior Trusts

Add the Trust details for your Juniors


List all the Gifts, Special Items and Objects that you will leave to your beneficiaries

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Legal and Financial 5 Sections


This is the place to tell us about your Executors

Alternate Executors

Alternate Executors, or backup executors are an important part of your will

Residue Distribution

Declare how to share the Residue of things not declared directly in your Will

Sign and Witness

Sign your Will Digitally


Superannuation is money saved during your working life to help support your financial needs when you retire.

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Print My Will 1 Document

Print My Will

Completed all the sections of your Will? Now you can generate a fresh copy of your will and have it automatically emailed to your account or download from here.



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