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Real Time Threat Defense Feed

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Real Time Spam Protection

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Real Time Site IP Protection

Security 6

Two Factor Signin Authentication

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Premium Customer Support

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Country Blocking

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Advanced Spam Filter

Security 10

Frequent Malware Scans

Malware Scanning

Security 11

We actively run a best-in-class security plugin which continually scans all files, database, posts & comments for: DNS changes, backdoors, malicious files, malicious code, URLs listed as dangerous by Google and unwanted changes.

Two Factor Authentication

Security 12

Strong passwords alone can’t protect you if a hacker is able to attain your password using advanced techniques like spear phishing or social engineering. Used by banks, government agencies and the military worldwide, two-factor authentication completely neutralizes password theft and guessing attacks.

Brute-Force Login Protection

Security 13

Hackers may attempt to break into websites by trying thousands of passwords using automated scripts or a group of automated scripts. We lock out users after too many login or “forgot password” failures; prevents hackers gaining username information; protects multiple entry points including login page and XML-RPC interface. Plus, it optionally enables two-factor authentication or locks out anyone who uses an invalid username.

Network Firewall

Security 14

Hackers may attack vulnerabilities in person or by using bots or networks of bots. These vulnerabilities are referred to as zero day (not as of yet publicly known) or are vulnerabilities already published by the security community. Our best-in-class security recognizes known vulnerabilities using rule-sets and stops them immediately. Also it will recognize zero day exploits by using generic pattern matching to stop attacks that are not yet publicly known.

Throttling and Blocking

Security 15

During an attack, a hacker’s automated script can overwhelm a website's resources, preventing legitimate customer usage and preventing search engines from accessing the website. Rogue crawlers can also crawl content too aggressively and overwhelm a website with traffic. We limit the number of requests from a specific IP address or user per minute, or block them if they exceed a set threshold. It will also protect legitimate search engine crawlers from being throttled or blocked by recognizing them as friendly crawlers.

Country Blocking

Security 16

Sometimes a large amount of attacks will originate from a single, specific country creating failed logins, a large number of page not found errors and is clearly engaging in malicious activity — our best-in-class security plugin will employ its country blocking feature.

Advanced Blocking Techniques

Security 17

Our website security will intelligently stop threats by blocking any combination of ranges of IP addresses, specific web browsers, web browser patterns or referring websites.

Hacker Recon Protection

Security 18

Hackers start attacks by looking for information about every website and vulnerabilities in the system. Our security monitor prevents hackers from gaining information about WillMonkey including software versions and data storage encryption.


Security 19

We proactively check WillMonkey members email addresses to see if they are flagged as spamvertizers. This is a technique that hackers use to include a link in a spam email campaign and then redirects visitors to a malicious website. If we detect an infection we react quickly with an automated delete and block for that user.

Security 20


As you have probably gathered - we take security seriously!

We are committed to protecting your privacy, and the security of your online information. We will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone. We will not share your details with anyone unless you specifically ask us to. Guaranteed.

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